Samaasa Concepts
Self Assessments
Special Rules
Advanced samaasas
Charts and Tables
I.For beginners:

Step 1: Study "Poorvasiddhta" section.
Step 2: Study "Samasa pravesha" – page numbers 1,9,16,17,18,19,20.
Step 3: In "Smarika" section, it is advisable to do नित्यपारायण(daily chanting) and आवृत्ति(revision) of page 1 to page 15 of this section until one masters the समास.
Step 4: Study "Patah" section(this section contains the main lessons).
Step 5: In "Abhyasa" section, easy exercises can be practiced samasa-wise.

II.For those who know the basics of Samasas, please follow the flow of the product.